Behind the Scenes

Self taught artist with a passion to create and share, Swarna has been an exuberant artist from a very young age. Her passion fueled by the support and encouragement of her parents, lead her to experiment with different mediums. A mother of two budding artists, she still continues to be amazed by God’s creations that invokes the creativity in her. Learning the basics of drawing from her father as a young child, she has been encouraged by family and friends to nurture the in-born creativity in her.

Acrylics was the first medium that she used and she continues to use. Watercolors, oils, clay and pastels are the other mediums that she has added to her closet as she continues to explore the tip of the ‘art’ iceberg. While memories of her childhood have mostly been the subjects of her creations, she enjoys depicting the awesome, picturesque moments of today. From the lush green fields of East to the snow capped mountain ranges of West, all creations of God have fascinated her, kindling her passion to portray these ever changing scenery.

She offers classes in art and craft to art enthusiasts of all ages locally and when she visits India. She has been commissioned by local businesses to create artwork to embellish their ambiance. Her creations are also available for sale at her studio and online. Creating unique backdrops, foyer decors and befitting make-up for performances, she provides a one-stop solution for many performances in the valley and Vegas. Believing that art should not only be an embellishment but should serve a bigger purpose, her works are gifted to various non-profit organizations such as Shape Up US, AID India, Asha for education, CRY, Singleton Moms, Hope kids, Pratham USA, Desert cancer foundation, Make a wish foundation, Project foundation AZ, ICNA relief, to raise funds. Ever grateful to the Almighty for a wonderful life, She uses the sale of art work to donate to organizations such as Maithraiye trust, Subbaraj Memorial destitute home in India. Swarna believes that instilling and encouraging creativity will provide a person everlasting companionship even in the most deserted situation. She requests everyone to take the time to incorporate art of some form in their lives.

With an interest to share this gift and talent, she offers classes in art and craft to younger generations at some local art and craft stores as well as the city recreational classes.