Entwining with the creative vine

Try your hand at creativity in class, workshop or camp, add a commissioned creation to your space, buy a giclee or original art work.


From painting and creative aging lessons, to commissions and donated works, we offer the full range of creative and design services, for art learners and lovers alike.

Creative guidance

Master with passion: art lessons for all ages.
Classes of Creativity

Creative space

Add to your space a speck from our creations

Shop for creativity

Left-brain activity

Musings of the artist

Musings of the artist

Creative interiors

Design as an art

Creative Aging

Old age is a second childhood: nurturing creativity with art.

Creative Aging

Creativity consultant

Get to know the energy behind the creativity

Creativity Consultant

He’art’ to give

Creativity for a higher purpose

He'Art' to give

Events of creativity

Social engagements: art festivals and walks throughout The Valley.

Social Engagements

Creative expressions

To own with pride: original creations of joy, for sale or donation.

Creative Expressions

Supply List

List of supplies for individual

Supply List
We reserve the right to cancel classes if there is not enough registrations. A minimum of 4 participants are expected per class and no more than 10 participants per class.